iPhone Nano Rumors Resurface: Apple’s Answer to Android? – PCWorld

iPhone Nano Rumors Resurface: Apple’s Answer to Android? – PCWorld

BadrIT, Here IT comes [Episode 0]

Few days ago I was at our beloved company, BadrIT. I noticed that I was looking at many new smart faces at BadrIT; I just remembered those days when this company did not exist in reality (only an immature idea in some people heads). I felt that I must write the story of BadrIT, the company I am proud of.

The story begins in the 90’s when I was a 9 years old child who does not fully understand the meaning of the word “Engineer” but decided that he wants to be a one. I really liked everything geeky I find at my way, Video Games, Digital Cameras, Digital Watches and Computers of course.

At the age of 15, I was at secondary school. I choose subjects that qualify me to join Faculty of Engineering (and almost nothing else). In that year I met a very dear friend called Hassan Wassel who have nearly the same interests like me, he was continuously reading PC Magazine Arabic issues and I followed him. He was following the progress of Intel those days releasing Pentium processors. Those days Intel used to increase clock rate ~ 100 MHz every year. He dreamed of building a company that can suppress Intel, invent superior processors and ultimately pays off Egypt loans. It sounded like a big dream but I liked the idea as I always believed that dreams can come true as long as we trust in Allah and work hard for it.

So what happened next, this is what we will know in the next episode InSha2 Allah, stay tuned …