Hibernate in Mac OS X (Lion)

Lion have a great feature called “System Resume on Start” which saves each application state before shutdown and restores it when starting up again this saves you time from reopening your applications again in the same state but what if you just want Windows-PC-Like Hibernate, is that possible?

Yes it is, just run the command: 

sudo pmset hibernatemode 25

and choose sleep from Apple window, this will make the system to write all memory content to disk and shutdown completely, next time when you press the power button it will load memory content again from disk and you have you system exactly as you left it all of this in just a minute or two which is much faster than reopening all your applications again.


  1. It take a minute or two depending on how much RAM you have and the speed of you disk drive. During that time the power light flashes till it completely shutdown.
  2. If you just want to make normal sleep you will have to restore the above command to its default by running this command (if you have a desktop just replace 3 with 0)
  3. sudo pmset hibernatemode 3

Reference: http://www.axoniclabs.com/DeepSleep/



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